[M01/S04] Selling your Home is a Numbers Game

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There is one thing that I advise all sellers to keep in mind, and that’s that selling your home is a numbers game. There are a lot of numbers involved in selling your home. For example, the first number everyone wants to know is: how much can I sell my house for? The answer to that question is, honestly: that depends on a lot of other factors. The truth is, the way that you prepare, price, market, and negotiate the sale of a home will have a great impact on the final sale price of any home.

You know the saying: every little bit helps. That is also very true in the way a home is sold. To get the best price for your property, you want to stack the odds – bit by bit – so that they are strongly in your favor of getting the best results possible when you do sell your home.

Throughout my website, I’ll point out where taking care of a few simple – and often free or very inexpensive – things can potentially have a huge impact on the final net to the seller upon sale. We will also go over dozens of other steps which, when taken, will boost the numbers in your favor: web traffic, open house attendance, buyer inquiries, private showings, offers, and ultimately, the highest price with the best terms possible on the sale of your home.

The Savvy Seller Strategy is entirely built around the proposition of doing everything that can be done to maximize the sale price and net proceeds to the seller, given the time and resources available to the seller. This is achieved by doing everything possible to stack the odds of complete success in the seller’s favor.

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